8-Port Desktop Switch with 4 PoE ports


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This product was phased out on: 24/10/2012
This product's last date of support is on: 24/10/2014
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Datasheet (English) - PDF 0.24mb Stáhnout
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Manual Manual - PDF 0.09mb Stáhnout
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QSG 1.00 RevE1 Quick Setup Guide 02.06.2020 - - Stáhnout
Quick Installation Guide (English) - PDF 0.12mb Stáhnout
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CE doc UKCA 4.70 RevC1 CE document 27.05.2022 Stáhnout
CE doc 4.50 RevC1 CE document 08.10.2021 Stáhnout
CE doc 2.00 Revision C1 CE document 21.04.2010 Stáhnout
CE doc Revision B1 CE document 21.04.2010 Stáhnout
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