Why does my DPH-50U not appear to be responding to incoming calls?

There are several reasons why the DPH-50U may not functioncorrectly for incoming calls:

  • DPH-50U may not work properly with some 4 wire (multiline)phones.
  • Make sure the DPH-50U is connected to the PC and DPH-50Usoftware is running (blue phone icon in the System Tray).
  • Make sure the handset is connected to the phone jack on theDPH-50U and not the line jack
  • If the Skype™ application was terminated for any reasonwhile the DPH-50U software was running, you will need to exit theDPH-50U software and then restart it.
  • Some telephone handsets require a battery to be installed inorder to ring. If your handset supports a battery, make sure thereis a battery installed and that the battery is not depleted.

For additonal information about Skype™, please visit theSkype™knowledge base.

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