How do I forward calls from Skype to a land line number or mobile phone?

The DPH-50U can be configured to forward incoming Skype™calls to another telephone number, such as your mobile phone. Itcan also forward incoming telephone calls to a Skype™ orSkypeOut™ call.

Please do the following steps to configure:

  • Right-click on the Skype™ Agent (blue telephone icon inthe System Tray) and select the Configureoption.
  • Click the Call Forwarding tab to see the CallForwarding parameters as shown below.

In order to forward incoming Skype™ calls to a telephonenumber such as your mobile phone, change the VOIP to Phone Linesettings as follows:

  • Check the Enable Call Forward checkbox.
  • Select the number of rings before the forwarding takes place inthe Rings before Forwarding option.
  • Enter the phone number you want to forward to in theNumber To Dial option.
  • Click Apply and then clickQuit to save your settings.


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