How do I check my voice mail using my DPH-50U?

Step 1: Pick up the attached telephonehandset.

Step 2: Press ## to get a VoIP dial tone.

Step 3: If a new Skype voice message exists theVoIP dial tone will have an intermittent beep.

Step 4: Press * to access the IVR system.

Step 5: Follow the menus to access Skype voicemail mode.

Step 6: Once in voice mail mode the firstmessage is played automatically.

Step 7: At the end of each message a trailing'beep´ is played. At the end of the last messages a trailing´beep-beep-beep' is played.

Step 8: During the playing of current message,and within 5 seconds following the end of the message, you canpress the 1, 2, 3, 9 keys in order to perform the followingactions:

User Action Key

# Repeat current message: 1

# Delete current message, move to next: 2

# Keep current message, move to next: 3

# Delete all messages: 9

Step 9: If you don't enter any valid key within5 seconds after the message has ended, the system will behave as ifyou had pressed 3.

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