How do I allow Internet users to access services on my local network (port forwarding)?

  1. Open your Internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) and type inthe IP address of the DSL-2740B (default: PressEnter.
  2. A dialog box will prompt you for a User Nameand Password. Enter admin for both, thenclick on OK.
  3. Click on the ADVANCED tab at the top, then theVIRTUAL SERVER button on the left. This will bringup the VIRTUAL SERVER RULES screen. Click thebutton labeled Add A Rule.
  4. Enter the IP address of the server on your local network in thefield Server IP Address, then choose one of thetwo options above:
    • If the application you are using is listed in the drop-downlist of services, select it from here.
    • If you cannot find the application in that list, selectCustom Server and enter the details yourself.

      Example: to allow Internet users to view images from twocameras on ports 8080 and 8081, you would select CustomServerand enter a descriptive name. Under ExternalPort Start enter 8080 and under External PortEnd enter 8081. Select the correctProtocol, then enter ports 8080 and 8081 intoInternal Port Start and Internal PortEnd, respectively.

  5. Click Add Rules at the top of the page
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