How to update the firmware ?

Mydlink Lit App will pop-up the information once, if the Wi-Fi camera has newer firmware can be updated. You can follow the instructions.

The mydlink Lite application compares the installed FW version on the registered cameras to the latest version available for each model. If a newer version is detected, the mydlink service will give customers a prompter and push the new firmware to the camera.
Before updating the firmware, make sure you put your cameraclose to a known Wi-Fi network and remain on the same network for the time it takes to update the firmware. If a D-Link camera firmware update failed due to a broken network connection during the firmware upload or power loss during the firmware upload/installation, it is possible that the network camera will be rendered unusable. Unfortunately, no self-help procedure exists that will restore network cameras that are subject to this type of failure. Your only recourse following this type of network camera failure is to contact your regional D-Link customer support.

Step 1: Launch the mydlink Lite. Tap the Wi-Fi camera. A prompter “New firmware available” will appear, if a newer version is detected. Tap Upgrade.

DLink DCS 8000LH FAQ EngDLink DCS 8000LH FAQ Eng

Step 2: The percentage progress of the downloading firmware file will automatically display for your reference.

DLink DCS 8000LH FAQ EngDLink DCS 8000LH FAQ Eng

Step3: A prompter “Firmware upgraded successfully” will appear, if the download is completed.

DLink DCS 8000LH FAQ Eng

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