How to transfer files from a Sony Ericsson P800 to a computer using a DBT-120?

Make sure the D-Link software and driver are installed from theCD-ROM.

Click here for Windows XP (service pack 2) installationinstructions (PDF).

Step 1 Select Discoverable underthe Bluetooth menu on your phone.

Step 2 Click on Add to find thePC. Your computer name will appear in the list. Click your computername.

Step 3 Enter a pin code for theconnection. Click on the pop-up text on your computer.

Step 4 Enter the same pin code into the PIN Codebox. 

Step 5 Open a picture under Sony Ericsson P800.Select Send as

Step 6 Choose Send as:Bluetooth.

Step 7 Select your computer name under theavailable device list. The picture will transfer to thecomputer.

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