VoIP Telephone Adapter/VoIP Terminal Adapter


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Технически характеристики

Phone Interface


1 FXS (RJ-11) port In-band DTMF (G.711) ToS field


DTMF (RFC 2833)

WAN Interface Tone

10/100BASE-TX (RJ-45) Ethernet port SIP Server Support DTMF

Registrar server

Ring back tone

Protocol Outbound

proxy Dial tone


(RFC3261) Redundant proxy server Busy tone

Call Features

  • Security IP Assignment

Call transfer

  • HTTP 1.1 basic/digest authentication for web setup Static IP

Call waiting

  • MD5 for SIP authentication DHCP

Call hold

  • Supports configuration download using HTTPS or PPPoE

Caller ID

  • display SSL/TLS client certificate encryption and authentication
  • 3-way conference (dialing via SIP server) NAT Traversal
Dial Methods STUN
  • Codec Direct IP call without SIP proxy
  • G.711U-law Dial number via SIP server
  • G.711A-law
  • G.729A Voice Quality


  • (Voice Activity Detection)

Fax Support


  • (Comfort Noise Generation)

G.711 AEC

  • (Acoustic Echo Cancellation) G.168
  • Jitter buffer

Product Support Section

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Quick Installation Guide (English)

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