180W Redundant Power Supply


  • състоянието на продукта (Revision A1): Live
  • Cost-effective and supports up to x4 switches
  • 180W total power budget
  • Automatically detects powered devices
  • Allows the network administrator to define RPS failover policy
  • Monitor status and backup a failed switch via web browser

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Stay protected against power failures.

The DPS-520 offers uninterrupted operation for up to x4 D-Link switches and in the event of a power failure, it will be immediately activated, allowing your business to stay operational.

High Flexibility and Availability

Connect devices at distances of up to 100m

PoE Capable

Up to 180 W PoE output through PoH

Cost-Effective Solution

Supply 4 devices with redundant power with a single RPS

Auto discovery

Automatically detect PD (powered device) to deliver immediate power

RPS Port Priority

Allows the network administrator to define RPS failover policy

Power Redundancy

Provide power redundancy to network switches (non-PoE models)

Status Reporting

Monitor status and backup a failed switch via web browser

2 години гаранция

Защитени от един от световните лидери в бранша.

Flexible Deployment

Any standard Category 5e or higher Ethernet cable can be used to connect the RPS to the switch, allowing the RPS to supply PoH power to the switch with up to 100m connection distance.

Simple Installation

The DPS-520 is compatible with DGS-1520-28 and DGS-1520-52 and can be installed as a standalone power supply unit or onto a standard mounted switch rack by inserting it into an optional DPS-800 open chassis, designed to hold x2 DPS-520 RPS units.

Connect to the RPS with a standard CAT-5e cable with a connection distance of up to 100m.

Status Reporting

Switch status information can be monitored through any web browser with our comprehensive tool, allowing administrators to backup a failed switch.

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