How do I upgrade the firmware on the DI-604 and the DI-614 using a Macintosh computer?

Step 1. Create a Folder on the DesktopScreen:
From a blank spot the Desktop Screen, press and hold the Controlkey on the keyboard and click the mouse button. Release the Controlkey, click New Folder, and name it firmware.

Step 2. Retrieve Firmware from Website:
Click link below and download file to the folder created in step1.

locate the firmware on

Step 3. Upgrade the Firmware:
A. From the Main Desktop Screen, launch Internet Explorer orNetscape.

B. Type in the Address bar and click Go.

C. For the User ID, type admin and click OK.

D. Click Tools on the top and then click Firmware on the leftside.

E. Click Browse>Desktop>firmware, double clickdi6xx_firmware_203.bin and click Apply. Wait for approx. 15 secondsor until the M2 light stops flashing on the DI-6xx unit then clickContinue.

F. This takes you back to the Tools page. Check the CurrentFirmware Version on the Tools page to confirm that the firmwareloaded successfully

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