How do I reset my DI-804 to factory default settings?


Performing a Factory Reset

Follow these steps to perform a Factory Reset using the Resetbutton on the back of the DI-804.

1. With the unit off, press and hold the Resetbutton with a pen or paper clip and turn the unit on.

2. Hold the reset button for about 5 or 6seconds until the Power/Test LED on the front panel blinks veryquickly and then release.

3. Wait a few seconds for the Broadband Routerto reboot using default settings.


A Factory Reset can also be performed through the webconfiguration

interface. Follow these steps to perform a factory reset usingthe web

configuration interface.


1. Log- in to the DI-804 web configurationinterface.

2. Click on the System Management link at thebottom of the screen.

3. Click on Restore DefaultSettings.

4. You will be asked if you want to restore todefault settings. Click

OK to restore settings to default configuration or clickCancel.

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