How do I configure my DI-604 or DI-614 router to use my Nortel Extranet VPN using ESP IPSec?

To use your Nortel Extranet VPN software, please follow stepsbelow:

Step 1 Go into the web-based configuration on therouter (enter in your web brower). Enter username(admin) and password (blank).

Step 2 Click on Advanced at thetop and then click on Applications on the leftside.

Step 3 Check Enable

Step 4 Enter a name (i.e. Nortel).

Step 5 Enter 500 for TriggerPort (500 - 500).

Step 6 Select Both for TriggerType.

Step 7 Enter 500 for PublicPort.

Step 8 Select Both for PublicType.

Step 9 Click Apply and thenclick on Continue when prompted.

Note: Nortel Contivity in most situations willnot work. Some users have been successful bydisabling "Keep Alives".

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