How to Configure RADIUS server – DWS-3160-Series

Step 1 –Log into the configuration of the DWS-3160 and going to the LAN tab. Then go to the “Security” option and then click 

RADIUS > RADIUS Authentication Server Settings


Enter the IP address of the RADIUS server in IPv4 Address and enter the administra-tor password “KEY” followed by confirming the password “Confirm KEY”.
To apply the changes, click “Apply”.


Then to make sure on boot the savings are set, click “Save” then “Save Configura-tion/ Log”


In the option “Type” select “All” then click “Apply”.


Step 2 –Once complete, click on the top menu option  WLAN > Administration > Basic Setup


Click on the SSID tab, select which frequency is the SSID to be modified from Wire-less VAP Default Settings and click “Edit” to change the SSID.

Enable “RADIUS Use Network Configuration” (within the RADIUS SSID) then selecting the option “RADIUS Accounting” and use as “WPA Enterprise”.

NOTE: You can also use WEP / WEP IEEE802.1x but remember that APS may not use the 802.11N technology and will have to modify the configuration of the wireless network)


Step 3
- Finally apply the new configuration profile to the APs

Administration > Advanced Configuration > AP Profiles, click the check box against profile and then click “Apply”.


Once the APs are reset and receive the new settings, establish a connection with a wireless device and the user name and password created on the RADIUS server.



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