How to Configure Auto Surveillance VLAN – DGS-1210 Series

Description -When Auto Surveillance VLAN is enabled and configured, all you have to do is connect the IP Surveillance devices to the switch which will then automatically get registered as a IP Surveillance device and is configured on VLAN Surveillance. 

By default, the monitoring devices D-Link (cameras) are already pre-configured in the configuration of automatic surveillance. If a 3rd party device (or computer for VMS) is used, you can manually set the MAC address of the device (s) so that the switch can know that the connected devices are part of your surveillance system.

Step 1 -Enter the interface configuration of the DGS-1210

Step 2 - Please go to Configuration> Auto VLAN Survillance


Step 3 - Auto Surveillance VLAN Configure the following parameters

• Auto Surveillance VLAN: Enabled
• Specify a VLAN ID (optional, specify one automatically)
• Specify the VLAN Priority

Then click “Apply”


Step 4 -  Once configured, any video device D-Link surveillance (cameras) will start appearing in the field of Auto Surveillance VLAN Summary.


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