How to Monitor Traffic with Port Mirroring – DGS-1210-Series

Port Mirroring is a method of monitoring network traffic that sends a copy of each packet input and / or output packet on switch from one port to another port, where the packet can be studied.  Use the Port Mirroring option to set a particular port and connect your computer to the port from which you can capture the desired packages. 
Step 1 - Login to the switch configuration by entering its IP address into your browser (the default IP address is In our case the switch has IP address

The password is admin (password: admin).

Step 2 – Click on the left menu and go to Configuration > Port Mirroring


Step 3 - Click “Enabled” to activate monitoring.


Step 4 - In “Target Port” option, select the port to which you want all packets sent for monitoring.


In our example we have selected the port number # 10.

Step 5 - In the “Source Port Selection” option you may indicate or the ports that you want to capture TX packets sent, RX packets received or both.


Click “Apply” to create the monitoring rule

Step 6 - To save all settings Save > Save Configuration


Click “Save Config”


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