How do I record video in "IP Surveillance" when motion is detected on my IP Camera? How do I record video when motion is detected (IPsurveillance)?

How do I record video when motion is detected (IPsurveillance)?

To set the camera up to record a video whenever motion isdetected,
please follow these steps:

1. Log in to the camera by typing its address into InternetExplorer.
   The default address is

2. Go to 'Configuration', then click on 'Advanced' and
   'Motion Detection' to enter the motion detection setuppage.

3. On this page

     i)   tick the box marked'Enable motion detection'
     ii)  click on 'New' to create a newwindow
     iii) you can resize and drag the newwindow within the camera
          image justlike any other window. Position this window
          to show thearea you wish to monitor. You can also resize
          the windowto cover the entire image
     iv)  enter a name and set'Sensitivity' and 'Percentage' as
          desired.High values for sensitivity and low values for
          percentagemake the camera detect motion more readily
     v)   save these settings byclicking on 'Save'

   You can repeat steps ii) - v) to create up to threemotion detection
   windows. For more information about these settings,refer to page 58
   of your manual.

4. Next, bring up the IP surveillance software. Click onthe
   'Configurations' button. If you have not yet set upyour camera,
   click on 'Camera Configuration...' and keep readingbelow. Else, click
   on 'Scheduler...' and skip ahead to 6.

5. In 'Camera Configuration', click on 'Insert', and enter theaddress of
   the camera (default: and the usernameand password you
   assigned to the IP Surveillance software. Confirm yourentry by clicking
   on 'OK', then save your settings by clicking on'Save'. You should now
   be taken back to the Monitor screen, which willdisplay the image from
   your camera. Click on 'Configurations' and'Scheduler...'.

6. If you wish to set a specific schedule recording, enter thisunder
   'Primary Schedule' by selecting either 'Once' or'Every day', then
   setting the start and end times to the desired values.Click on
   the first button next to the times, 'Apply selectedperiod into
   schedule' to enter the times into the schedule. Repeatthis process
   for all time periods you wish to enter.

7. Select 'Event mode', ensure that the box labelled 'Motiondetection'
   is ticked, and select which windows should trigger anevent. The three
   Windows which you can select refer to the motiondetection windows in
   the order that they were created.

8. If you wish to always record when motion is detected, enable'Event Mode'
   under 'Secondary Schedule' as well.

9. Click on 'Save' and then 'Close'

Your software is now configured to record video whenever motionis detected !

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