How do I install the DWL-122 in Macintosh 10.2.x?

NOTE: Make sure you run the installation CD beforeyou physically connect the DWL-122 computer.

Step 1 Insert the D-Link Air DWL-122Driver CD into the CD-ROM drive and double-click on D-LinkCD icon that will appear on the desktop.

Step 2 To start the installation double-click onthe Mac Folder, then double-click on theDLinkUsbDriver.dmg file. Double-click on theDLinkUsbDriver.pkg installation package when itappears.

Note: Your system may require you to enter yourUsername and Password to begin the installation of theutility.

Step 3 When the Welcome installation screenappears click on the Continue button.

Step 4 When you are prompted for a destination forthe installation files double-click on the Hard DiskDrive and click Continue.

Step 5 Click ContinueInstallation and Restart to complete theinstallation. Connect the DWL-122 to an available USB slot when thecomputer has rebooted.


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