Enjoy faster-than-ever internet speeds with next-gen Wi-Fi technology. With 4x more capacity, you’ll be able to connect more devices than ever to your home network. Wi-Fi 6 is built to handle your need for fast, and around-the-clock internet in your smart home.

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Wi-Fi 6 is the next evolution of Wi-Fi technology and delivers unprecedented speed, capacity, and wireless coverage around your home.

Stream, game, and browse faster, without interruptions.

Enjoy more of the latest tech like virtual reality without any stutter, vivid 4K and 8k video streaming, and faster file downloads.

Wi-Fi 6 works by using 1024-QAM to provide a signal that packs in a lot more data, and a 160 MHz for a wider channel, that results in a lot faster Wi-Fi with unprecedented efficiency.

Boost to 1024-QAM
Each symbol carries 10 bits rather than 8 bits compared to 802.11ac 256-QAM, improving speeds by 25%.

Wider channel width
Doubles the channel width to 160Mhz to deliver faster wireless speeds.

Rapid and reliable wireless connectivity throughout your home, even during data-hungry tasks like streaming 8K movies, online gaming, and live streaming.

Add more devices, say goodbye to latency.

Increase your network capacity by up to 4x by using Wi-Fi 6, which uses 8x8 uplink/downlink, MU-MIMO, OFDMA, and BSS Coloring to handle more devices on the network with incredible efficiency. Now you can add more devices to your smart home with a network you can rely on to handle all your devices and many more.

Fast-track data to all your devices at once. Never queue again.

OIder Wi-Fi standards used SU-MIMO (Single User Multiple Input Multiple Output), which could only download and allow communication with multiple devices in consecutive order, or one at a time.

Now Wi-Fi 6 with 8x8 MU-MIMO transmits to multiple devices simultaneously via multiple antennas using different wireless signals (2.4 GHz & 5 GHz spatial streams) and allows both downloads and uploads for dramatically improved bandwidth efficiency.

Reliable, better quality Wi-Fi, that reaches further.

An OFDM symbol transmits data, and Wi-Fi 6 introduces 4x longer OFDM symbols. Wi-Fi 6’s longer OFDM symbol divides the data into sub carriers, providing much more stability and allowing more data to be transmitted within the same space. A long OFDM symbol also increases range so your Wi-Fi signal can reach further, especially outdoor.

Saves battery life with Target Wake Time

Target Wake Time (TWT) allows devices to negotiate when and how often they will wake up to send or receive data, increasing device sleep time, improving battery life for mobile and IoT devices.

Greater Wi-Fi coverage for your home. Without dropouts or interference.

Built-in Power Amplifiers and beamforming extend the reach of your network – from the bedroom, all the way to the garden, without dropouts. Your Wi-Fi 6 network also automatically ignores surrounding neighbourhood Wi-Fi signals, enabling your devices to receive data only from your network for greater accuracy.