What is the difference between Store-and-Forward switching and Cut-Through switching?

Store-and-Forward: Store-and-Forward switchingwill wait until the entire frame has arrived prior to forwardingit. This method stores the entire frame in memory. Once the frameis in memory, the switch checks the destination address, sourceaddress, and the CRC. If no errors are present, the frame isforwarded to the appropriate port. This process ensures that thedestination network is not affected by corrupted or truncatedframes.

Cut-Through: Cut-Through switching will beginforwarding the frame as soon as the destination address isidentified. The difference between this and Store-and-Forward isthat Store-and-Forward receives the whole frame before forwarding.Since frame errors cannot be detected by reading only thedestination address, Cut-Through may impact network performance byforwarding corrupted or truncated frames. These bad frames cancreate broadcast storms wherein several devices on the networkrespond to the corrupted frames simultaneously.

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