How do I enable Jumbo Frames on my DGS-3324SR/DGS-3324SRi/DXS-3326GSR/DXS-3350SR/DGS-3427/DGS-3450 switch through the CLI?

Enable Jumbo Frames through CLI

Step 1.
Connect to the switch through Telnet (StandardPort 23), or Hyperterminal (8, N, 1). Enter your user name andpassword (default is blank for both). Press Enter to access theCommand Line Interface (CLI).

Step 2. Enter enablejumbo_frame to enable Jumbo Frames in CLI.

Step 3. To verify if Jumbo Frame is enabled,type show jumbo_frame.

The settings will be applied immediately, however will not be savedto NV-RAM until you select Save Changes from themain menu tree.

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