How to Create ACL Rules - DGS-3620-Series


You want to ensure that all VLANs have access to the server, whilst each VLAN can not communicate with the each other

 DGS 3620 Create filtering ACL rules

1. default VLAN1 IP address Ports 1-8.
Server IP:
2. VLAN2 IP address 9-16 ports.
3. VLAN3 IP address. Ports 17-24.

Creating access list:

Step 1 - Select "ACL" and click on "Access Profile List".
Then click "Add ACL Profile" to create a new rule.

Step 2 - Specifying a "Profile ID" from 1-6.

Specify a name for the profile

Select "IPv4 ACL" to select the "type" rule will be created, click "Select".

Then click "Create" to confirm.

Step 3 - Creating a firewall rule:

Select the "Profile ID" created
Then click "Add / ViewRules" to add a rule.

Rule: Everyone has access to the server (IP:

Rank: 1.5