What do the LEDs indicate on DES-1016R?

LED Indicators

The LED indicators of the Switch include Power, 100M, Link/Act(Link/Activity). The LED indicators are used to facilitatemonitoring and troubleshooting of the Switch. The following showsthe LED indicators for the Switch along with an explanation of eachindicator.


This indicator operates when the Switch is turned on. If thisindicator is not lit, check the AC power connector to ensure properinsertion of the power cord and that the power switch is turnedON.


The LED indicator lights green when a 100 Mbpsdevice is connected to a respective port or the up-Link port. If a10 Mbps device is connected to a respective port or the up-Linkport, the LED indicator is OFF.


These LED indicators are lighted green whenthere is a secure connection (or link) to a device at any of theports. The LED indicators blink green wheneverthere is reception or transmission (i.e. Activity-Act) of dataoccurring at a port.

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