What are the different pre-defined privilege Levels on my DXS-3400/DXS-3600 ?

The command-line interface has five pre-defined privilege levels: 

Basic User - Privilege Level 1. This user account level has the lowest priority of the useraccounts. The purpose of this type of user account level is for basic system checking. 

Advanced User - Privilege Level 3. This user account level is allowed to configure the terminalcontrol setting. This user account can only show limited information that is not related to security. 

Power User - Privilege 8. This user account level can execute fewer commands than operator, including configuration commands other than the operator level and administrator levelcommands. 

Operator - Privilege Level 12. This user account level is used to grant system configuration rights for users who need to change or monitor system configuration, except for security relatedinformation such as user accounts and SNMP account settings, etc. 

Administrator - Privilege Level 15. This administrator user account level can monitor all systeminformation and change any of the system configuration settings expressed in this configuration guide. 

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