How do I configure the Inbound Filter (firewall) rules on my DGL-4300?

How do I configure the Inbound Filter (firewall) rules on myDGL-4300?


Inbound Filter (firewall) rules will allow you to controlincoming traffic from the Internet.


1. Open a web browser and type the IP address of the DGL-4300 inthe address bar (default is Press Enter.
2. The default password is blank (nothing). Click Log In.
3. Click Advanced at the top and then clickInbound Filter on the left side.
4. In the Add Inbound Filter Rule section,configure the following:
  a. Name - Enter a name to identify the rule.
  b. Action - Select Allow to allow the traffic to pass orDeny to block the traffic.
  c. Enable - Select the checkbox to enable this rule.
  d. Source IP Start - Enter the LAN port or a range ofports
  e. Source IP End - Enter the WAN port or a range ofports

5. Click Save to apply the new rule.

6. Click Save Settings at the top of the screen to save the newsettings.

7. Click on Reboot the Device for the new settings to takeeffect.

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