D-Link’s award-winning 6-Port Multi-Gigabit Unmanaged Switch is now available

The new launch delivers cost-effective 2.5G/10G Ethernet to maximise bandwidth and eliminate bottlenecks in the office and the home

20 Ιανουαρίου, 2022

D-Link, a global leader in networking and connectivity technologies, has announced the availability of the 6-Port Multi-Gigabit Unmanaged Switch (DMS-106XT). The DMS-106XT adds to the D-Link family of multi-Gigabit enabled devices, ideal for SMBs and advanced users seeking a high-performance yet cost-effective solution to eliminate network bottlenecks and maximise network connectivity. 

Designed with a 10-Gigabit uplink, the DMS-106XT provides a high-bandwidth connection to either the network core or network-attached storage (NAS) device, maximising throughput for the delivery of uninterrupted online experiences. What’s more, with five built-in 2.5-Gigabit ports, the DMS-106XT is perfect for connecting Wi-Fi 6 access points, such as the Nuclias Connect and Cloud Wi-Fi 6 access points (DAP-X2850 and DBA-X2830P). 

Ideal for demanding businesses and home network setups, the DMS-106XT offers built-in Turbo mode, which instantly lowers latency for time-sensitive applications and enables port-based QoS to prioritise critical devices and deliver flawless 4K/8K video streaming. In addition, it is housed in a durable matte grey aluminium alloy casing, and its innovative fanless design provides enhanced reliability and silent operation.

Built to enable maximum flexibility, the multi-Gigabit ports are backwards compatible with existing cables and equipment. This allows the DMS-106XT to be deployed in places where extra bandwidth is demanded, without costly, time-consuming re-cabling or equipment replacement costs.   

Not only is the DMS-106XT a high-performing switch with top-end functionality, but its sleek design has also won it the Red Dot Award and Good Design Award.

Other multi-gigabit enabled devices in the D-Link portfolio that allow for cost-effective expansion of network reach include the USB-C 2.5G Ethernet Adapter (DUB-E250), designed to eliminate network bottlenecks by enabling 2.5 times the bandwidth of a Gigabit Ethernet connection. In addition, the DGS-1520 Series of switches, a new generation of Layer 3 stackable Smart Managed switches, also support 2.5G Ethernet to maximise bandwidth throughout the entire network.