How to Upgrade AP Firmware via TFTP Server - DWC-2000

Network Configuration:

This example will use the following devices and setup:

DWC-2000 – Unified Wireless Controller
DWL-6600AP - Unified Wireless N Simultaneous Dual-Band PoE Access Point
PC with tftp Server

Step 1
– Enter the web GUI interface of the DSR using its IP address in a web browser. In our example we have used the IP address of

Accept any certificate warnings you may see, this is perfectly normal and safe

Step 2 – We first need to download the latest firmware available from our website. We are going to download for the DWL-6600AP

Step 3 – Once done, you will need to install a tftp server. You may use the following link:

Step 3 – Open the tftp server and transfer or copy the firmware you had downloaded for the APs from our site to the following destination:

Current Directory: C:\Program Files\Tftpd64

Server interfaces: (This is the IP of where the tftp Server resides)

In our example we are going to upgrade the DWL-6600AP and use the above file. We have shortened the file name from:




Step 4 – To upgrade the APs via tftp, you will need to go to the following menu:

Maintenance > Firmware > AP Firmware Download

Step 5 – Enter the following details as per the example below:

On “Managed AP”, you may either select “All” or select certain APs to upgrade. Our example, we have selected the DWL-6600AP

Step 6 – Once you have the above completed the above configuration, click “Save”

Step 7 – Click on “Start” and you should notice the transfer of files from the tftp server as per below

Step 7
– If you select “AP Firmware Status” you will notice the status as: “NVRAM Update in Progress”

Step 8
– Once the upgrade has completed successfully, you should receive the following status:

Due to we have used a DWL-6600AP we need to upgrade the AP twice (because it has dual-Images)
Please note this will also apply to the following APs:

• DWL-8600Ap
• DWL-8610AP

Other supported APs the firmware upgrade will ONLY need to be once

Note: If you have a failed success, please confirm the following:

1) You have clicked “Save” in Step 6
2) No firewall or and Antivirus program blocking the tftp server
3) Network connections are correct
4) Check Cables

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