Will I always see 1080p resolution video from the 180 Cam HD?

The Omna 180 Cam HD's sensor is capable of producing 1080p Full HD resolution video, however in order to minimize video lag and buffering caused by changes in network conditions, the live video is automatically adjusted to the achieve the best quality video given the current network enviroment. For example, while your home network might normally be capable of providing enough bandwidth to the 180 Cam HD for 1080p video, in a situation where there is a temporaray increase in network activity (such as other users downloading large fles or watching high quality streaming video), to avoid live video stoppage or stuttering due to insufcient network speed, the 180 Cam HD will dynamically adjust the video's resolution to the best possible quality given the available bandwidth and latency, ensuring an uninterrupted live video experience.

Video clips recorded to a microSD card are recorded in 720p HD resolution. Video streaming can use a large amount of data and also requires a large amount of processing power. The 180 Cam HD allows for up to two devices to simultaneously stream 1080p live video, which take a signifcant amount of the device's processing power. Priority is given to live video, as it's what most users will use more often. The remaining processing power is sufcient for 720p HD resolution, and is used for recording to microSD cards.

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