What is the difference between the Omna app and the Home app? Which one should I use?

Put simply, the Home app provides basic functionality for the camera as well as motion detection notifications, and also allows the 180 Cam HD to interact with other HomeKit enabled devices. The Omna app provides additional functionality including local recording and playback, adjustment of motion detection settings, and firmware upgrades. We would recommend that you use both the Omna and Home apps concurrently in order to get the greatest benefit from all of the great features offered by the 180 Cam HD. A comparison of the features supported by each app can be found in the below table:

FeatureHome AppOmna App
Add accessory
View live video
Live view screenshot
Two-way audio
Adjust audio volume for mobile device
Receive motion alerts
Create automation rule
Turn motion detection on/off
Adjust motion detection area
Adjust motion detection sensitivity
Set motion detection retrigger delay
Local recording playback
Turn local recording on/off
Check microSD card storage capacity
Format microSD card
Upgrade firmware

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