Gigabit Managed Switches

DGS-1210/ME Series

  • Estado del producto (Hardware version: B): Activo
  • Wide range of port configurations
  • Advanced layer 2 features with static route and IP interface support
  • PoE options up to 370W power budget
  • Easy management with web UI
  • Available in PoE and non-PoE variations

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Gigabit Managed Switches

The DGS-1210/ME Series Gigabit Managed Switches provide a diverse range of Gigabit port densities to accommodate various enterprise and public sector connectivity needs. With optional PoE to conveniently power edge devices, SFP ports to extend network connectivity, and advanced Layer 2 functionalities, the DGS-1210/ME Series is ideal for any enterprise access layer or large multi-site deployment and allows businesses to build a more secure and efficient network with advanced network security features and QoS.


Amplia gama en densidad de puertos Gigabit cobre RJ-45 y enlaces ascendentes SFP y SFF combo.

Alta capacidad de switching y PoE Budget

Capacidad de switching de hasta 104 Gbps y PoE Budget de hasta 370 W

Layer 2 con características de Layer 3 Lite

Equipado con una completa gama de funciones L2 y compatible con interfaces IP, ARP, detección de vecinos IPv6 (ND) y enrutamiento predeterminado

Seguridad de red

El innovador Safeguard Engine™ de D-Link protege los switches contra la sobrecarga de tráfico causada por ataques maliciosos.

Administración simplificada

Gestión web, con software D-Link DNA o mediante interfaz de línea de comandos (Full CLI) a través de Telnet o SSH para facilitar su uso.

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Gigabit Performance

The DGS-1210/ME Series Gigabit Managed Switches come in a variety of port setups, including Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45 and SFP ports. The DGS-1210-10P/ME, DGS-1210-28P/ME and DGS-1210-52MP/ME switches feature Power over Ethernet (PoE), allowing compatible devices to be installed and powered in remote locations without immediate access to power outlets.

Efficient and Resilient Networking

For mission critical environments, the DGS-1210/ME Series Gigabit Managed Switches support IEEE 802.1D 2004 edition, 802.1w, and 802.1s Spanning Tree Protocols (STP). The Spanning Tree Protocol allows the switches to participate in Spanning Tree topology, providing an alternative Layer 2 path in the event of a network failover. The switches also support IEEE 802.3ad link aggregation, which enables multiple ports to be grouped to form a single virtual port, increasing bandwidth and redundancy for higher availability. This series furthermore features IEEE 802.1p Quality of Service (QoS), allowing for real-time traffic classification into Weighted Round Robin (WRR) and strict priority levels mapped to 8 queues. Advanced traffic classification parameters allow the network to be tuned for flexible configurations for specific multimedia applications such as VoIP or IPTV.

Multicast Applications

The DGS-1210/ME Series features a full set of L2 multicast functions, including IGMP snooping, IGMP filtering, fast leave, and multicast traffic configuration for specific ports. With L2 multicast support, the DGS-1210/ME Series is ready and capable of handling growing IPTV applications. Host-based IGMP/MLD snooping allows for multiple multicast subscribers per physical interface, and ISM VLAN sends multicast streams in a multicast VLAN, saving bandwidth on the backbone. Additionally, ISM VLAN profiles allow users to bind or replace the predefined multicast registration information to subscriber ports quickly and easily.

Traffic & Bandwidth Control

Integrated bandwidth control allows network administrators to define the throughput levels for ingress and egress bandwidth. It provides a minimum granularity of 64 Kbps for ingress port and flow-based bandwidth control, and a minimum granularity of 64 Kbps for egress queue bandwidth. The DGS-1210/ME Series also supports traffic control, which optimizes performance by dropping packets when exceeding a set threshold, while port mirroring helps administrators facilitate traffic diagnostics and track network performance. The DGS-1210/ME Series also provides IGMP snooping with IGMP authentication to prune multicast traffic and to optimize available bandwidth.

Management Capabilities

A user-friendly web interface gives administrators access to advanced management features such as DHCP auto-configuration. This enables switches to load their configuration from a TFTP server once they have been assigned an IP address, allowing central management of device configurations. The switches support Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP), which advertises the device’s capabilities and identity to the local network, allowing administrators to better manage their network topology. Each port also supports cable diagnostics, which can be used to troubleshoot cable length and functionality problems remotely, resulting in lower management overheads.

Security & Authentication

The DGS-1210/ME Series supports IEEE 802.1X port-based/host-based access control, guest VLAN, and RADIUS/TACACS+ authentication for strict access control to the network. The IP-MAC-Port Binding (IMPB) feature allows administrators to associate a source IP address with a designated MAC address and also offers the flexibility to define the port number to enhance user access control. The built-in D-Link Safeguard Engine™ protects the CPU from broadcast, multicast, and unicast flooding by automatically trapping packets and logging events in these situations. In addition, the Access Control List (ACL) feature enhances network security and switch performance.

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Number of ports
16 to 30 ports

48 to 54 ports

5 to 14 ports
Layer 2+
Main type of ports
1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet
Type of uplink ports
Switching capacity
104 Gbps

20 Gbps
PoE options

Number of PoE ports

PoE power budget
See datasheet

See datasheet

See datasheet
D-Link Green
802.3az Energy-Efficient Ethernet support
Form Factor
Jumbo frame
Cable diagnostics
MAC address
Spanning Tree Protocol
802.1D STP

802.1s MSTP

802.1w RSTP
Link aggregation
VLAN group (max static)
VLAN type



Advanced VLAN
Asymmetric VLAN

Double VLAN (Q-in-Q)

IPv6 Ready
Number of QoS queues per port
CoS based on contents
Bandwidth control
64 Kbps minimum granularity
ACL type
ACL based on packet contents
Time-based ACL
Encryption protocol supported

SSL (v1/v2/v3)
IP-MAC-port binding (IMPB) / Smart Binding
ARP spoofing
BPDU attack protection
802.1X access control
Microsoft NAP support
RADIUS/TACACS+ authentication
SNMP (v1/v2c/v3)
RMON v1/v2

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