How do I secure my wireless network on the DSL-2740B/DSL-2740R?

DSL-2740B/DSL-2740R does not have any wireless security enabled whenit is shipped. This means that anyone within range of the wirelesssignal it transmits will be able to gain access to the computers onyour local network and use your Internet connection.

If you wish to secure your wireless network, we recommend usingWPA2-PSK or WPA-PSK. The WEP standard should not be used unless youneed to connect older devices that do not support WPA/WPA2.

Note: we recommend connecting to your router using a cableinstead of a wireless connection when making any changes to thewireless settings.

Securing your network

  1. Login to the router using your Internet browser. The defaultaddress is How to upgrade your firmware.
  2. Click the ADVANCED button at the top of thepage, then select WLAN SECURITY from the menu onthe left.
  3. By default, Network Authentication is set toOpen and WEP Encryption is set toDisabled.


Using WEP

Note: using WEP security will limit the speed of your networkto 54 Mbit/s. If you wish to use the full speed of your Draft-11nrouter, please use either WPA2/WPA or no security.

  1. Click on the Network Authentication drop-downlist and select Open. Set WEPEncryption to Enabled
  2. In the field labeled Encryption Strengthselect either 64-bit or128-bit.
  3. Leave Current Network Key set to 1. Enter apassphrase into the field Network Key 1:. If youselected 64-bit above, it must be either 5 ASCIIcharacters or 10 hexadecimal characters long. If you selected128-bit, it must be either 13 ASCII characters or10 hexadecimal characters long. ASCII characters include alluppercase and lowercase letters as well as digits. Hexadecimalcharacters are digits 0-9 and the letters a-f,i.e. 0123456789abcdef.
  4. Click on Save Settings at the top of the page.The router will ask whether you wish to restart with the newsettings. Confirm that you do and the router will restart.
  5. When the router has successfully started up again, it will onlyallow wireless connections which provide the correctpassphrase.


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