How do I reset my DWL-810 or DWL-810 wireless bridge back to default settings including my password?

To reset your DWL-810/810 back to factory settings or if you lostyour password, follow the steps below:

Step 1 With the DWL-810 powered on, insert apaperclip into the reset hole next to the antenna on the back ofthe unit.

Note: Do not remove power during resetprocedure.

Step 2 Hold for 3 to 5 seconds. TheACT light on the front will go out. Releasepaperclip and the unit will now reboot (about 3 seconds). Once theACT light is on, the DWL-810 is rebooted.

Step 3 Once the unit is reset, the defaultusername is admin and the password is blank. TheIP address will be

An alternate way to reset unit is through the web-basedconfiguration. If you lost your password, use the methodabove.

Step 1 Open web browser and enter the IP addressof the DWL-810 ( Enter username (admin) and password(blank). Click OK.

Step 2 Click on Admin and clickthe Factory Reset button at the bottom. This willreset all the settings including password to the defaultsettings.

Step 3 Click Reboot whenprompted.

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