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Product Support Section

Версия Описание Дата Тип Размер на файла
Manual (English) Manual (English) - PDF 0.06mb Свали
Версия Описание Дата
DEU_Driver_win_xp_RevA Driver for Windows XP 1.4.2006 г. Свали
DEU_Driver_win2k_RevA Driver for Windows 2000 1.4.2006 г. Свали
DEU_Driver_me_RevA Driver for Windows ME 1.4.2006 г. Свали
DEU_Driver_win98_RevA Driver for Windows 98 1.4.2006 г. Свали
DEU_FTDI_win2k_v1_00_2051_RevA This is a Windows 2000 driver release for products which use FTDI's FT8U100AX USB Controller and which use FTDI's generic VID and PID values. 15.6.2000 г. Свали