Which browser can be used instead of the Internet Explorer?

Tested version
Microsoft Edge 100.0.1185.39

1. Open Microsoft Edge and enter the following in the browser:

Alternatively, click on the three dots in the top right corner of the Edge and then on Settings.
Then select Default browser on the left.

2. Set the "Allow websites to reload in Internet Explorer mode" option to "Allow"

3. In the "Pages in Internet Explorer mode" area, use "Add" to enter the address under which you want to call up the device. (Usually the local IP address)
When entering, know that there is a distinction between HTTP and HTTPS, is not the same as

4. After that, restart Edge.

If you want to add more devices later, you can simply enter them in the list. It is no longer necessary to restart the browser.

Possible problems:

No login dialog
If you do not see a login dialog when you call up the device page, you have to add the device page to the trusted pages.

1. To do this, go to "Internet Options". (e.g. via the search in the start menu)
2. Go to "Security" and click on "Trusted Sites" and then on "Sites"
3. As before, enter the address under which you call up the device in the list in Edge (HTTP and HTTPS must also be observed here)

Live image is not displayed
As before in IE11, a plugin is required to display a live image. When you call LiveView, pay attention to a corresponding popup to install the plugin (usually at the bottom of the page)
After installing the plugin, you will see the live image.

Java is required (last tested version JRE 8 Update 321 )
If the device still requires Java, follow the link given in the device (so you stay in IE mode) and install the JRE offered there on your computer.
After a browser restart, Java is then available in Internet Explorer mode.
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