How do I configure my DWL-700AP to Repeater mode?

As a wireless repeater, the DWL-700AP extends the range of thewireless network by repeating the wireless signal of the remote AP(Access Point or Wireless Router)

Step 1 Log into the Access Point or wirelessrouter that the DWL-700AP is going to repeat and write down theEthernet MAC Address or LAN MacAddress. Also, make sure write down the SSID, channel, andencryption information (if any) since it will have to be the sameon the repeater.

Step 2 Using an Ethernet cable connect theDWL-700AP to your PC.

Step 3 Your computer will need to be in the sameIP address range of the DWL-700AP for configuration. The default IPaddress of the DWL-700AP is

Step 4 To begin configuring the DWL-700AP open abrowser and enter in the AP´s default IP address( The username is admin (all lowercase) and the password is blank (nothing).

Note: Each Access Point should be configured tohave a different LAN IP Address.

Step 5 Click the Advanced tab andclick the Mode button. In the Remote APMAC field enter in the MAC Address youobtained in Step 1.

Step 6 Click Apply and clickContinue to save the changes.

When in repeater mode:

  • You will not be able to view or change the settings of theDWL-700AP wirelessly. The DWL-700AP will be transparent to thenetwork. You must configure the unit through the Ethernet port. TheEthernet port will only allow you to configure the unit, not passnetwork data.
  • The unit will not respond (reply) to ping requests. If you wantto test the connection, ping a computer on the other side of therepeater or ping the device you are repeating the signal of.



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