48-Port xStack Layer 3 Switch with 2 2 Gigabit Ethernet Ports and Single IP Management


  • Product Status (Revision A): End of Life

With the xStack DES-3852 switch you will be able to create a fast, flexible, secure and easy to manage network that can be expanded when needed.

This enables you to deploy a backbone or workgroup solution with seamless integration with D-Link NetDefend firewalls using the Zone Defense mechanism to form part of a high performance and secure network structure with a minimum amount of investment.

48-Port xStack Layer 3 Switch with 2+2 Gigabit Ethernet Ports and Single IP Management

The xStack DES-3852 is a Layer 3 switch designed for working groups at large companies, as a backbone solution for smaller and medium-sized companies or as an access switch in broadband networks. The DES-3852 is equipped with 48 x 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet ports and 2+2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, whereby two combo Gigabit Ethernet/Mini GBIC ports are positioned on the front and 2 pure Gigabit Ethernet ports are positioned on the back for dedicated trunking and stacking with other switches in combination with single IP management (SIM).

The DES-3852 has advanced functionality such as wire-speed IP routing, OSPF, VRRP, Link aggregation (LACP), VLAN 802.1Q and prioritisation queues, enabling users to create a cost-efficient, well-functioning network with no bottlenecks.

The DES-3852 also handles traffic intelligently, allowing the definition of priority queues 802.1p for streamed media, VoIP (Voice over IP) and other high-priority classes of traffic. The switch is also equipped with Quality of Service with IP TOS/DSCP for Layer 3 and TCP/UDP (also Payload - packet content) for Layer 4.

As a Layer 3 router, the switch supports standard IP routing (IPv4) for universal compatibility, as well as RIP-1, RIP-2 and OSPF. This means it is very easy to combine lots of different sub networks in the same switch. With Layer 2 and 3 support for each port, you will be able to customise your own filters based on MAC or IP addresses at the user computers, enabling unnecessary traffic to be filtered out and static routing tables to be created for specific destinations, for example.

The DES-3852 has also been equipped with a number of security functions such as 802.1x port/MAC based RADIUS support, TACACS+, SSH v2, SSL v3 and ZoneDefense functionality for Proactive Network Security functionality, together with D-Link's new firewalls/IDSs, the DFL-800, DFL-1600 and DFL-2500.

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  • Managed Layer 3 switch with 48 x 10/100Mbps ports
  • Two combo ports for Gigabit copper/Mini GBIC connection
  • Two Gigabit Ethernet ports on the back for Gigabit backbone connection
  • Auto MDI/MDX on all 10/100Mbps ports
  • 802.1x RADIUS, TACACS+
  • SSH v2/SSL v3
  • ZoneDefense functionality with D-Link firewalls (DFL-800, -1600, -2500,)
  • Traffic prioritisation (IEEE 802.1p)
  • Traffic segmentation
  • Port-based bandwidth limitation down to 64k
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • VLAN-tagging (IEEE 802.1Q, 4000 static and 255 dynamic groups)
  • IP routing (IPv4)
  • Floating static route
  • Policy-based routing (future firmware update)
  • Spanning tree (IEEE 802.1d)
  • Rapid Spanning tree (IEEE 802.1w)
  • Multiple STP (IEEE 802.1s)
  • IGMP snooping and IGMP v2
  • Link aggregation (802.3ad LACP)
  • Broadcast storm control
  • DOS protection
  • Guest VLAN (next f/w release)
  • VMAN (double VLAN, next f/w release)
  • Multicast functions
  • Access Control List (ACL)
  • PIM DM and PIM SM (future f/w release)
  • SNMPv3/RMON and web-based configuration
  • CLI-based configuration, console port (RS232) and Telnet
  • NTP support
  • BootP/DHCP client (DHCP auto-configuration)
  • DHCP option 82

Optional SFP Transceivers
DEM-310GT: SFP transceiver for 1000BASE-LX, single-mode fiber, max. 10 km, 3.3V
DEM-311GT: SFP transceiver for 1000BASE-SX, multi-mode fiber, max. 550 m, 3.3V

Optional Redundant Power Supply
DPS-200: 60-watt redundant power supply
DPS-900: 8-slot redundant power supply chassis

Optional Management Software
DS-510S: D-View 5.1 SNMP Network Management Program (standard version)
DS-510P: D-View 5.1 SNMP Network Management Program (professional version)

This product was phased out on: 21/03/2012
De laatste dag dat ondersteuning beschikbaar is voor dit product is op: 20/03/2017
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Datasheet - PDF 0.80mb Download
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User's Manual User's Manual - PDF 15.12mb Download
CLI Manual CLI Manual - PDF 3.55mb Download
Versie Beschrijving Datum Type
Firmware 4.50 b52 Firmware 31/10/2011 - Download
Firmware 4.50 b27 Firmware 20/08/2008 - Download
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Management information base 4.50 b12 Management information base 19/08/2008 Download
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DEU_CE_Declaration_RevA Declaration of conformity 21/05/2009 Download