Fast Ethernet L2 Managed Switches

DES-3028/DES-3052 Series

  • Product Status: End of Life

The DES-3028/DES-3052 Series Fast Ethernet L2 Managed Switches consists of:

  • DES-3028P: 24-Port Fast Ethernet L2 Managed PoE Switch with 2 x 1000BASE-T and 2 x Combo 1000BASE-T/SFP ports (24 x PoE ports, 2 fans)
  • DES-3052P: 48-Port Fast Ethernet L2 Managed PoE Switch with 2 x 1000BASE-T and 2 x Combo 1000BASE-T/SFP ports (48 x PoE ports, 3 fans)

The DES-3028/3052 series switches are managed Layer 2 Ethernet switches designed as the premium devices in the entry-level network management category. These switches offer very rich functions to let SMB and even enterprises set up a secure and effective departmental network at affordable cost. Outstanding features include high port densities, 4 Gigabit uplinks, Power over Ethernet support1, comprehensive network security, granular bandwidth control and extensive network management. With these switches, businesses can now optimize their networks at both the function and cost levels for maximum results.

High Port Density & PoE Support

The DES-3028/3052 series provides choices of 24 and 48 Ethernet ports, with or without Power over Ethernet (PoE), in low profile rack-mount cases. Each switch is equipped with 2 Gigabit uplinks, with the SFP supporting both fiber Gigabit and 100BASE-FX fiber connection for specific applications.

Security & Availability

The DES-3028/3052 series supports many security features including Access Control List (ACL), 802.1X Port-Based/MAC-Based Access Control, 802.1X Guest VLAN, and RADIUS/TACACS+ authentication. To prevent malicious attack and virus/worm affection from overwhelming the switch with unnecessary workload, the DES-3028/3052 series provides D-Link Safeguard Engine and CPU Interface Filtering functions to increase the switch's reliability and availability.

Resilience/Performance Enhancement

To enhance network resilience, the DES-3028/3052 series provides Spanning Tree protocols, including 802.1D, 802.1w and 802.1s for redundant bridge paths. 802.3ad Link Aggregation provides the aggregated bandwidth between switches or server, For Quality of Service (QoS), it supports 802.1p Priority Queues and packet classification based on TOS, DSCP, MAC, IPv4, VLAN ID, Protocol type, User Defined Packet Content, enabling Internet voice, video and streaming media applications to run smoothly.

Traffic Monitoring/Bandwidth Control

Network administrators can define throughput levels for each port to manage bandwidth. The bandwidth control feature provides fine granularity with the ability to define limits down to 64Kbps segments. Broadcast storm control can reduce the level of damage that a virus attack can do to the network. The switch provides IGMP snooping to control multicast transmission, and port mirroring to facilitate diagnostics.


The DES-3028/3052 series supports standard-based management protocols such as SNMP, RMON, Telnet, web-based GUI, SSH/SSL security authentication and DHCP Relay Option 82. With DHCP auto-configuration, the administrator can pre-set configurations and save them in a TFTP server; individual switches can boot their IP from the server and load in the pre-set configurations. D-Link Single IP Management simplifies and speeds up management tasks, allowing multiple switches to be configured, monitored and maintained from any workstation running a web browser through one unique IP address. A virtual stack of the DES-3028/3052 switches can be managed as a single object, with all units identified by a single IP address.

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Number of ports
16 to 30 ports

48 to 54 ports
Layer 2
Main type of ports
100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet
Type of uplink ports
1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet

Combo 1000BASE-T/SFP
Switching capacity
12.8 Gbps

17.6 Gbps
PoE options
Number of PoE ports

PoE power budget
See datasheet

See datasheet
Virtual stacking (up to 32 devices)
MAC address
Spanning Tree Protocol
802.1D STP

802.1s MSTP

802.1w RSTP
Ethernet ring protection switching (ERPS)
Link aggregation
VLAN group (max static)
VLAN type

Advanced VLAN
Asymmetric VLAN

Double VLAN (Q-in-Q)

Number of QoS queues per port
CoS based on contents
Bandwidth control
64 Kbps minimum granularity
Time-based QoS
ACL type
ACL based on packet contents
Time-based ACL
Encryption protocol supported

SSL (v1/v2/v3)
IP-MAC-port binding (IMPB) / Smart Binding
ARP spoofing
802.1X access control
Microsoft NAP support
RADIUS/TACACS+ authentication
SNMP (v1/v2c/v3)
RMON v1/v2
This product was phased out on: 07/11/2017
De laatste dag dat ondersteuning beschikbaar is voor dit product is op: 06/11/2022
Versie Beschrijving Datum
DES-3052 and DES-3052P CE Declaration for revision A1

DES-3052 and DES-3052P CE Declaration for revision A1

11/03/2013 Download
DES-3028 and DES-3028P CE Declaration for revision A2

DES-3028 and DES-3028P CE Declaration for revision A2

9/06/2009 Download
CE doc DES-3028 Revision A1 CE Document 9/06/2009 Download
CE doc DES-3028 Revision A2 CE Document 9/06/2009 Download
DES-3028 and DES-3028P CE Declaration for revision A1

DES-3028 and DES-3028P CE Declaration for revision A1

21/05/2009 Download