8-Port Fast Ethernet Unmanaged Desktop Switch including 100BASE-FX Fibre Port


  • Product Status (Revision A): End of Life

The DES-1008F 8-Port Fast Ethernet Unmanaged Desktop Switch including 100BASE-FX Fibre Port is an ideal choice for the small workgroup. This switch allows users to simply plug any port to either a 10Mbps Ethernet or 100Mbps Fast Ethernet network for compatibility, convenience and faster connection. This switch also provides a 100BASE-FX for a secure connection of a server on a fibre network cable.

Designed for SOHO

The DES-1008F comes in a small compact size designed for use by SOHO with easy installation and high performance. The switch eliminates unnecessary traffic and relieves data congestion by delivering dedicated bandwidth for each of the 8 ports.

7 10/100BASE-TX Ports for Plug and Play Connections

Each of the 7 10/100BASE-TX ports supports automatic MDI/MDIX detection, providing true plug and play capability without the need for confusing crossover cables or crossover ports. With the media auto-sensing feature, you can plug in the network cable to the switch directly without the need to worry if the end node is a NIC (Network Interface Card) or switch/hub. The switch also supports flow control and auto-negotiation of half or full duplex transfer modes for each port.

100BASE-FX Fibre Port for Server Connection

The switch provides a fibre port capable of transferring data at long cable distance. This port can be used to connect to a server over the reliable fibre cable, or to attach the switch to the network fibre backbone.

Fast & Reliable Data Transfer

With 802.3x flow control support and fast store-and-forward switching scheme, the DES-1008F gives you secure data transfer with low data latency that prevents error packages from transmitting among segments.

Number of ports
5 to 14 ports
Main type of ports
100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet
Type of uplink ports
Switching capacity
1.6 Gbps
Form Factor
MAC address
This product was phased out on: 14/05/2017
De laatste dag dat ondersteuning beschikbaar is voor dit product is op: 14/05/2019
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