D-Link Wi-Fi Mesh for 11ac

Whole Home Wi-Fi. Done Your Way.

D-Link Wi-Fi Mesh

Why You Want It

Eliminate your pesky dead zones permanently and get truly seamless home networks with less Wi-Fi disruption. 

With D-Link Wi-Fi Mesh for 11ac, you can also turbocharge your whole-home Wi-Fi with powerful and intelligent features, so you finally get Wi-Fi that works for you, on your terms, automatically.

Mix & Match Mix & Match

Combine D-Link Wi-Fi Mesh routers and extenders to best fit your network needs.

Static Routing

Auto Healing

Got a failed node? Wi-Fi Mesh automatically establishes an alternative path to the mesh router.

Auto Configuration

Auto Configuration

Mesh nodes automatically know their role in the mesh network.

Dynamic Mesh Topology Seamless Network

Automatically connect to the strongest signal as you move around your home.

Auto Optimization

Auto Optimization

Mesh nodes automatically find the shortest (and fastest) path to the mesh router.

Auto Channeling Auto Channeling

Wi-Fi Mesh nodes automatically and dynamically select the channel with least interference and overlap.

Scalable Scalable

Grow your mesh Wi-Fi painlessly. Just add on D-Link Wi-Fi Mesh routers and extenders wherever you need more Wi-Fi.

Dynamic Network Assistant

Dynamic Network Assistant

See your mesh network’s weak spots clearly in real time.

Unleash Your Mesh 
with D-Link Wi-Fi Mesh for 11ac

Get a ton of advanced features that turbocharge your whole home network with D-Link Wi-Fi Mesh for 11ac. With Mix and Match functionality, Auto Healing, Auto Channeling, Auto Configuration, Auto Optimization, and a Network Assistant Map, you’ll finally achieve a truly seamless network at home that scales to your needs. It’s mesh Wi-Fi that works for you. 
On your Terms. Automatically.

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Unleash Your Mesh with Wi-Fi Mesh
Always On Connectivity with Self-Healing

Always-On Connectivity
with Self-Healing

Tired of one failed node taking down your entire whole-home mesh? D-Link Wi-Fi Mesh for 11ac automatically detects malfunctioning nodes, then reroutes the connections to your working mesh devices.

D-Link Wi-Fi Mesh for 11ac vs Regular Router + Extenders

Think a conventional Router + Extenders combo will fix all your Wi-Fi problems?
Think Again…

Router + Extenders

Wi-Fi Mesh for 11ac
Stubborn Wi-Fi Deadspots Signals may get weaker as you move around your home Move around your home and get stronger signals with Advanced Roaming
Optimizing is Confusing Optimizing takes hours of fruitless guesswork Dynamic Network Assistant View: See network weak spots
Painful Setup & Configuration Spend hours configuring every device individually Automatically forms and configures all mesh devices at one go
Unreliable Connections Killed connections stay down till you fix them Self-heals your mesh automatically
Confusing SSIDs
Multiple SSIDs make things complicated One SSID keeps things simple

Go Wired and Wireless
(Who says you have to choose?) 

D-Link Wi-Fi Mesh for 11ac does all the hard work for you with an intelligent algorithm that automatically switches between wired and wireless backhauls according to your bandwidth requirements and congestion levels. Enjoy optimized Wi-Fi signals on any device, anywhere at home.

Go Wired and Wireless

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