My Internet Service Provider is providing me with a dynamic IP address how do I configure the router?

The DI, DIR and DGL range of products are set up bydefault to receive a dynamic IP address on theInternet (WAN) port.

They only need to be plugged in and connected; no additionalsetup is required.

If you are using a cable modem and are having troubleconnecting, please try following these steps:

Step 1 Reset the router by pressing the resetbutton on the back and holding it for around 10-15 seconds. Youshould see the lights on the front of the router go offbriefly.

Step 2 Wait about a minute for the router torestart.

Step 3 Turn off the router.

Step 4 Turn off the modem.

Step 5 Wait 5-10 minutes, check the cablebetween the and modem is in place.

Step 6 Turn on the modem. Wait another minuteor until the modem indicates it is connected.

Step 7 Turn on the router.

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