How do I configure my DIR series router to work with my DSL-300T/DSL-320T?

  1. Ensure that the DSL-300T/DSL-320T is set up correctly and youare able to connect to the Internet when it is attached directly toyour computer. Connect the DSL-300T/DSL-320T to theWAN port of your DIR router using the cableprovided.
  2. Log into the web-based configuration by typing the IP addressof the router (default: into your web browser. Theusername is admin (all lowercase) and the passwordfield should be left blank.

    Note: The address is NOT on the Internet. Theweb-based configuration is built-in to the router.

  3. Click the Home tab and then theInternet button. Most users will need toselect Dynamic IP (DHCP), then click onSave Settings. The router will ask whether itshould Reboot Now or RebootLater; click on Reboot Now.
  4. Once the router has restarted, follow step 2 and log backin to the web configuration. Go to the Status taband select Device Info from the navigation bar onthe left. If you do not have a public IP address beneath the WANheading, click on DHCP Renew. It may take severalminutes to receive an IP address
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