How do I set static routes on my DGL-4300?

Open a web browser and type the IP address of the DGL-4300 inthe address bar (default is

Press Enter.  The default password is blank (nothing).Click Log In.


In the Add Route section, configure thefollowing:

  • Enable - Check this box to enable the route.
  • Destination IP - Enter the IP address/subnet (i.e.
  • Netmask - Enter the subnet of the network (i.e.
  • Gateway - Enter the gateway IP on the LAN that will route thetraffic to the destination IP
  • (i.e.
  • Interface - Select LAN 
  • Metric - Enter 1
  • Click Save to apply the settings
  • Click Reboot the Device to apply the new settings.
  • Change the IP address on your computer to match the destinationIP and subnet specified above.
  • Make sure the default gateway matches the LAN IP address of therouter.
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