How do I enable Encryption on the DWL-G122?

It is recommended to enable encryption on your wireless router oraccess point before your wireless network adapters. Pleaseestablish wireless connectivity before enabling encryption toensure that there are no connectivity problems to begin with.

Note: Your network will slow down and wirelesssignal may degrade when enabling encryption due to the addedoverhead.

Step 1. Open the D-Link AirPlus wirelessutility by double-clicking on the D icon in your system tray(lower-right corner of screen). Select SiteSurvey.

Step 2. Highlight your SSID in theAvailable Networks. ClickConfigure.

Step 3. The Data Encryption box should bechecked and grayed-out. If not, then enable encryption on youraccess point or wireless router first. Auth. Mode should be set toShared Authentication. Under Key Length, select64, or 128-bits. Click on DefaultKey 1 and enter the Hex encryption key that wasentered into the wireless router or access point. The key lengthwill depend on the selection made under the key length.

If the key is HEX, meaning A-F 0-9,

• 64-bit = 10 characters

• 128-bit = 26 characters

If the key is ASCII, meaning any character on the keyboard,

• 64-bit = 5 characters

• 128-bit = 13 characters

Step 4. Click OK

Step 5. Select the network underProfile and click Connect.

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