What is the maximum length of cable to use for Power over Ethernet connected devices?

Windows will ask for a security if the wireless Access Point or wireless router you are trying to connect to has had security enabled.

To find out what the network key is you will need to refer to the manufacturer's documentation for your wireless router or Access Point if it is not a D-Link product.

If it is a D-Link router, it is possible to find out the settings you need by logging into the configuration web page. As the wireless connection will not be working, you will need to connect an Ethernet cable to the router to access this. Once connected, open your Internet browser (eg Internet Explorer) and enter one of these addresses:

  • if it is a DSL router (i.e. model number begins with DSL, e.g. DSL-G624T)
  • if it is a DI or DIR router

After logging in, you will need to go to the wireless setup part of the configuration; this will usually be under a heading like"Home / Wireless" or "Setup / Wireless". On many models, you will be able to see the settings on that page, including the wireless key. On newer models, there will be a wizard to add wireless computers; selecting Manual from the options will display all the settings you need to enter in Windows.

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