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Nuclias is a unified network management tool with cost-effective scalability, powerful controls, and is designed as a solution for every type of business.

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Powerful network management, from anywhere.

Nuclias is a unified network management tool with cost-effective scalability, powerful controls, and is designed as a solution for every type of business.

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A brand you can trust.

D-Link has been providing innovative end‑to‑end networking solutions for over 30 years. We've always strived to make network management simple, intuitive, flexible and cost-effective. Nuclias is the result of the combination of that belief and our vast experience in the networking industry.

Whether you're a small business looking for an easy out-of-the-box network solution, or a larger organisation looking for robust functionality and end-to-end control, Nuclias has the flexibility to make implementing, managing, and reporting your network quick and easy.

Nuclias Cloud Ideal for small businesses with no IT staff.
Turnkey Network Management solution

Simple cloud-managed networking solution for companies wanting to manage their business, not their infrastructure.

    Simplified budgeting, perfect for businesses looking for low start up costs.
    Ideal for business interested in managing their business not their infrastructure.
    No additional costs, pay for what you use.
    Multi-site ready, including automated device discovery and provisioning.

Nuclias Connect highly customizable central network management for businesses.
Build and host your own Network Management solution

For businesses looking for robust functionality and end-to-end control, Connect provides an easy out-of-the-box network solution.

    Utilise your existing IT staff, datacenter and server infrastructure to build a flexible bespoke solution tailored to your business.
    For businesses looking for robust functionality and end-to-end control.
    Centralised device configuration and reporting.

Different Nuclias solutions to meet any requirement.

Nuclias is a cost-savings solution, with reduced installation and configuration costs. Whether you’re a small business that needs a simple solution that's ready to go, or you’re a larger professional outfit with specific requirements, there is a Nuclias solution for you.

Simple and smart cloud network management.

Nuclias Cloud logo

Nuclias Cloud makes remote network management a breeze. All your management software and hardware is hosted in the Nuclias Cloud and accessible from any laptop or mobile. Nuclias Cloud was specially designed for small businesses needing a solution that is ready to go, without in-house IT expertise.

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Advanced and customisable on-premise network management.

Nuclias Connect logo

Nuclias Connect is a free software with comprehensive controls that enable you to manage your business network centrally. Geared towards bigger businesses and enterprises, it can be installed on a local server for dedicated privacy, or hosted on a secure private cloud service for remote access. Or you can opt for the standalone Nuclias Connect Hub with the software pre-installed for robust dedicated hardware.

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"Adapei wanted to implement a Wi‑Fi network that could be deployed and managed easily and remotely across its 20 sites."

Adapei de Loire-Atlantique is a not-for-profit association in France of parents and friends who campaign for adapted support services for people with mental disabilities.

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Platform Type Cloud-based Network Management Platform Type Platform Type Desktop-based Network Management
Scalability Unlimited Scalability Scalability Medium
Ease of Deployment Zero-Touch Ease of Deployment Ease of Deployment App & Desktop-based Configuration
Solution Scope Complete solution optimised out of the box Solution Scope Solution Scope Customisable software controller or Hub
Legacy Device Compatibility
Not Supported
Legacy Device Compatibility Legacy Device Compatibility
Technical Expertise Low Technical Expertise Technical Expertise Medium - High
Pricing Structure Pay-As-You-Go Licensing Fee Pricing Structure Pricing Structure Free Software
Controller Cost No cost Controller Cost Controller Cost Free to install on an existing server

Or one-time purchase of DNH-100
Device Licensing Access Points: from 36€/year

Switches: from 14€/year
Device Licensing Device Licensing Free

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