How do I configure my DIR series router to work with a cable modem connection?

Please note that this FAQ applies to most cable connections,set top boxes or satellite modems (e.g. NTL World,Telewest)

Step 1.  Log into the web-basedconfiguration by typing the IP address of the router (default: into your web browser. The username isadmin (all lowercase) and the password fieldshould be left blank.

Note: The address is NOT on the Internet. Theweb-based configuration is built-in to the router.

Step 2.  Click the Hometab and then the Internet button. Most cableconnections require Dynamic IP (DHCP); unless you have specificinstructions from your ISP, select this option. Click onClone MAC Address or Clone Your PC's MACAddress, then click on Save Settings.

Step 3. Power cycle the cable modem androuter:

- Turn the cable modem off first

- Turn the router off

- Leave both devices turned off for about 5 minutes

- Turn the cable modem on

- Wait for a solid cable light on the cable modem

- Turn the router on

- Wait another 30 seconds

Step 4.. Follow step 1 and log back in to theweb configuration. Go to the Status tab and selectDevice Info from the navigation bar on the left.If you do not have a public IP address beneath the WAN heading,click on DHCP Renew. It may take several minutesto receive an IP address

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