What is Smart Bluetooth?

The new mydlink app gives you fast setup, with the Smart Bluetooth technology supported by newer mydlink devices. The mydlink app will search for your mydlink device automatically while it is ready for setup.  

For more information on the supported devices, please refer to the table below:

 Model name  FW Version
 DCS-8330LH  v1.02
 DCS-8325LH  v1.01
 DCS-8526LH  v1.00
 DCS-8630LH   v1.00
 DCS-8627LH   v1.00
 DCS-8000LHV2  v2.04
 DCS-8300LH  v1.06
 DCS-8525LH  v1.05
 DCS-8010LH   v1.07
 DCS-8600LH  v1.05
 DSP-W320  v1.04
 DCS-8515LH   v1.04
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