Dual Port 10 Gigabit Ethernet PCIe Adapter


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Add 10 Gigabit connectivity to your server or high-powered workstation with the D-Link DXE-820T Dual Port 10 Gigabit Ethernet PCIe Adapter. It is a high performance network adapter which combines 10GBase-T with high-speed PCI Express 2.0 x8 interface.

Advanced Features and Security

The adapter features onboard screening of 802.1Q VLAN tagged Ethernet frames, allowing you to assign multiple subnets to each server and isolate devices within each VLAN from the rest of the network for better traffic control and security.
With support for advanced features such as 802.3x flow control, jumbo frames, and SNMP for network management, the DXE-820T can easily interoperate with your current networking equipment.

Performance and Reliability

The DXE-820T increases network throughout by utilising PCI Express bus architecture. With Smart Load Balancing™ the
DXE-820T configures multiple adapters to work as a team, sharing traffic and ensuring data reliability.

Checksum Offloading

The DXE-820T features TCP, UDP, and IP checksum offloading functionality, which transfers the checksum processing tasks from the computer’s CPU to the network card.

1 When connected in full-duplex mode.

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10 Gigabit Ethernet
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This product was phased out on: 08/09/2022
This product's last date of support is on: 08/09/2027
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Datasheet - PDF 0.21mb Download
Version Description Date
2.00 Driver 01.03.2018 Download
1.00 Support the following Operating Systems:

Windows Server 2008(X86,  X64) / 2008 R2(X64)
Windows Server 2012 RHEL 6.4/6.5(X64), RHEL 5.9(X64)
SLES 11.2/11.3(X64)
Solaris 11/11.1

12.04.2016 Download