How do I use the IP Installer software?

Note: Make sure you have a solid green light on the camera before trying to run the Installer. Running the IP Installer:

Step 1 Put the D-Link CD in your computer and let it auto run.

Step 2 Click on the IP Installer.

Step 3 In the IP Installer window you should now see the Mac address of the camera. If you do not see the Mac address, reset the camera.

Step 4 Highlight the Mac address and click on the Wizard button located on the left side of the window.
Step 5 From the Setup Window click next.

Step 6 At this point you will need to assign an IP address to your camera. ***The IP address must be in the same subnet as your computers network adapter card i.e., 192.168.0.x. You will also need a subnet mask i.e., You will not need a default gateway or DNS address at this time.

Step 7 Click Restart.

Step 8 Click ok to the message Install ok.

Step 9 You may now click on the LINK button on the left side of the IP Installer window. This will connect you directly to the Web configuration page for additional changes to the camera. If LINK does not take you to the camera configuration, launch Internet Explorer manually and enter the cameras newly assigned IP address into the address bar.

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