What are the advantages with RangeBooster N650 products to Super G products?

The RangeBooster N 650 technology is designed for higher speed,greater coverage, stronger security and redundancy.

With a RangeBooster N 650 wireless access point, a mixture ofRangeBooster N 650 adaptors and other 2.4GHz adaptors(802.11b/g) can be connected simultaneously.

Full advantages of RangeBooster N 650 technologyrequires RangeBooster N650 products only.

RangeBooster N 650 products have two, three orbuilt-in antennae.


Using multiple antennae, RangeBooster N 650 productscan transfer the same amount of data in a shorter periodof time, compared to D-Link Super G products.

You may not obtain the maximum speed of 300Mbps (Megabits persecond) as many factors could affect your actual throughput.

The RangeBooster N 650 DIR-635 is able to detect interference onthe 2.4GHz frequency and will automaticallyset the channel best suited foryour environment.

For comparison, Super G products have a maximum speed of108Mbps.


As RangeBooster N650 products are MIMO enhanced (Multiple In -Multiple Out), resulting in greater coverage andless 'dead spots'.

For comparison, Super G products have one antenna and are notMIMO enhanced.

Another feature of RangeBooster N650 is the beam forming,meaning the energy is focused on the target, similarly to a highgain antenna.

On Super G products, the same energy is targeted over the wholerange.


Multiple antennae allows the same data to betransmitted on multiple streams. Therefore, ifone stream cannot reach its destination another can completethe transmission.

For comparison, Super G products have one antenna and are notenhanced with this redundacy system.


RangeBooster N650 products offer different security methods,read the other FAQs for details.

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