When I connect the DSL-320T modem to my hub or switch I can still only get online with one computer. What's wrong?

The DSL-320T will only allow ONE machine to access theInternet.  Even if the DSL-320T was connected to a switch orhub, it will still only allow one machine access to theInternet. 

If you would like to have several machines access the Internetthrough the DSL-320T, you will need to connect the DSL-320T to anInternet Gateway product that supports NAT (Network AddressTranslation).  NAT is a feature of an Internet Gateway productthat allows multiple computers access to the Internetthrough a single Cable or ADSL modem Internetconnection.  D-Link products that start withDI or DIR are examples ofproducts that will share Cable modem or ADSL modem Internetconnections. 

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